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The type of talent we expect 
Traits of personality

Integrity and honesty, simple and efficient, these four words are the business beliefs of the CEO ; build a team, be honest and simple in doing things, adhere to the basic principles of integrity and honesty in financial management risk, accounting, taxation, and legal affairs; use subtraction to create simple and efficient organization. Focus on the core business.

Europe Field Application Engineer - Presales

  • Having a friendly patience personality to communicate smoothly with customers.
  • Good understanding of information system architecture and ambition to solve/answer questions from customers.
  • Good understanding of Linux OS.
  • Good understanding of Client/Server architecture and communication protocol such as TCP/IP, HTTP, MQTT.
  • Good understanding of cloud server technology and how API server works.
  • Having experience with C/C++ programing in embedded Linux systems or MCU systems.
  • Familiar with the Git version control tool.
  • Familiar with building test tools.

Android Software Development Engineer

  • Develop and customize Android Lib (SDK / NDK)
  • Develop Sample APP of the Android Lib
  • Assist IoT and car manufacturers customers in integrating the OTA update function
  • Assist in discussing technical details of the customized application with European and American customers and provide technical support
  • Android / Linux system monitoring and abnormal diagnosis in product development

Full-end R&D Engineer

  • Linux network application development
  • Developing experience of front-end and back-end for more than two years
  • Developing experience of ReactJS/Vue/Angular
  • Familiar with CSS/Less layout
  • Familiar with MongoDB
  • Familiar with the implementation of either one of the communication protocols: TCP/IP, HTTPS, and CANBUS

Front-End Development Engineer

  • Develop front-end pages of Internet of Vehicles/Internet of Things OTA upgrade platform and device management platform
  • Assist customers, including car manufacturers and telecom operators, in integrating platform
  • New product prototype page development, with good communication skills

Node.js Development Engineer

  • Develop Device Management (DM) Server application
  • Implement OMA-DM and OMA-LWM2M protocols
  • Connect the company’s existing OTA firmware update management system to provide connected device management and firmware update services.