VSOC Security

The CAROTA’s VSOC security solution offers remote monitoring of vehicle safety, diagnosis, early warning, data analysis and OTA update services for automotive OEMs to ensure the safety of vehicle. Synchronizes with CAROTA VSOC platform, and embed security protection programs in T-Box, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and gateway equipment will detect potential safety risks of vehicles quickly, avoid the expansion of security threats, improve the security level of equipment services. Then, update and fix security vulnerabilities through CAROTA OTA.

Threat intelligence

The VSOC platform reduces automobile enterprises’ resource investment, effectively to identify and prevent hacks for connected cars.

Network security

Improve the security of intranet and external networks for vehicles.

Hardware security

There are many electronic control units (ECU) and sensors in the vehicle. VSOC can reduce the resource investment of automobile enterprises for hardware security protection significantly.

Software security

The software code of vehicle systems is more and more complex, and the amount of code for a vehicle is trillions of lines. VSOC solution can detect vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of attacks for vehicle software.

Cloud Security

The number of cloud applications in connected vehicles is increasing. The VSOC solution reduces the risk of hacking attacks when the vehicle is sending and receiving data information.

Intelligent database

VSOC has a white hat hacker intelligence database support for efficient analysis and prevention of abnormal access and malicious attacks.